LUXURY Teddy Chair Seat Pads Soft Chair Cushion Foam Tie On Garden Bench Dining

Give guests a more comfortable place to sit with Teddy Chair Seat Pads for your dining chairs, garden chairs, and patio chairs or use it for your own office chair.

Whether you’re hosting afternoon tea in or you’re just relaxing on after a long, hard day at work, you want your chair to help support your comfort needs. Cushions that provide a superior cushion thickness available in multiple colors and styles to match every home style or seating area.

This stylish Teddy Chair Seat Pads has the extreme smooth touch. Super soft fuzzy seat pad adds a touch of elegance to your room.

Product Details:

Size: 42cm x 37 cm Approximate.

All purpose Premium Patio Chair Teddy Cuddly Cushions Seat Pads – Designed for dining room seating, patio table sets, and outdoor lawns, these seat cushions are thick, comfortable, and help you and your guests relax and unwind.

Quick-Attach Seat Ties – Teddy cushions each built with ties on each rear corner to help them secure to seating more easily and to keep them from sliding around when people sit down or blowing away in the wind.


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Black, Blush, Charcoal, Cream, Denim Blue, Duck Egg, Lilac, Mink, Ochre, Pink, Plum, Red, Silver, Teal, White


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Teddy Chair Pads Luxury Garden Tie Dining Chair Seat Pads Cuddles Cushions

  • Material: Teddy
  • Size: 42cm x 37 cm
  • Available in Pack


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